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The BEST OF THE BEST in 2013!

The results are in.... 
 We now have the 'official" list of THE BEST SELLING PATTERNS of 2013! 
 The hottest of the hot and the most sought-after patterns around! 

No need to keep you waiting... let's just get right to it, shall we!?? 
(items are listed in no particular order)

The Handmaiden's Cottage

The Handmaiden's Cottage 

My Childhood Treasures 

Foofoo Threads 

Foofoo Threads
Sugarplum Princess Dress

Sew Sweet Patterns
Morgan Dress

The Handmaiden's Cottage

Foofoo Threads

My Childhood Treasures

Foofoo Threads

Sew Sweet Patterns

Bettsy Kingston

You can see the trend, right? It was a year of sophisticated fluff!
Beautiful, feminine, and layered looks were top of the list for 2013!
Let's hear it from those of you who purchased some of these wonderful patterns! 
How did you like them?  Did you have special occasions for your selections?
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We would love to see your little sweeties in these beautiful dresses! 

With so many new items already popping in for 2014...
We can't wait to see what this year will bring! 
Keep your eyes on our New Arrivals to keep up with
the latest and greatest from your favorite pdf sewing pattern designers!
Watch for the new designers to roll-in, too! 
We have our eyes on some great new lines!   

Thank you for making Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops so special!  
We appreciate each and every one of you!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Wonderful World of Dixi... from My Childhood Treasures

Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops is honored to bring you the greatest pdf sewing patterns from some of the most talented independent designers in the world!  We see them everyday.  We watch their skills sharpen as they produce pattern after pattern.  The journeys that the designers embark on is nothing less than amazing.  Keeping a step-ahead of the trends and spending hours ironing out details - these "pdf-powerhouses" still maintain a family, run professional businesses, and create from their hearts.

But... who are they?  What is the life of a pattern maker really all about?  This year, Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops wants to give you a "peek" into their worlds and find out what things REALLY make them who they are, how they began, and just simple facts about what makes them unique.. AS A PERSON.

Each month, we are stepping into the worlds of the minds behind the designs!

We are excited to bring you the first of the "Wonderful World" series...
 Dixi, of My Childhood Treasures!

In February 2013, Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops happily welcomed My Childhood Treasures to the line-up!  We were excited by the classic (yet contemporary) designs, professional photos, and extensive collection that was offered.  I believe it was the Elke Dress that really won me over!  Since then, Dixi has continued to deliver chart-topping sewing patterns!  We are always happy to see what she will be working on next!

When we had the idea to do this series, I first brought it up to Dixi.  She was very responsive.  Through a couple of months of preparing - she waited... patiently.  Finally, everything fell into place.  I informed her that we had decided to take a "whimsical spin" on 20 questions.  She was more than happy to take part!  Even having no idea what these questions would have been!
She was not afraid... What a brave lady!!!

Here we go...
Welcome to The Wonderful World of Dixi:

1. How long have you been sewing and where did you learn?
I still remember so clearly the very first thing my mother taught me to sew when I was about 5. It was a little elastic waisted skirt for my beloved teddy made from a soft floral fabric. To this day I'm still convinced it is the straightest seam I have ever sewn. I sewed it with so much concentration, love and care and have been hooked on sewing ever since. 
2. Describe your sewing room/space.
It is small and well-organized (my husband might dispute the well-organized comment). Not only do I have my machines, books, patterns and fabric in the room but I have a small photography table and lights set up as well
3. Have you purchased a fabric that you loved so much you had a hard time cutting it?
Actually I have a few in my stash that I have had such a hard time cutting they are still sitting there. Every time I go to use them I put them back thinking maybe next time. I have a red and white heart print that I can’t bear to cut.

4.  Does your daughter show a desire to learn?  Have you already started teaching her?
She is only just 2 but every time I open the sewing room door she is straight in and up on the chair touching my machine. I don’t even think she even knows what it does but that fact she isn’t allowed to touch it tantalizes her even more. I can’t wait to start teaching her how to sew. Hopefully she is as passionate about it as I am.

5.   When do your best ideas come to you?
My best ideas come when I am walking along the beach or doing something relaxing. I think ideas often pop into your head when you are not trying too hard.

6. Who inspires you?
My daughter inspires me to create children’s wear.
7. How did you come up with the name "My Childhood Treasures"
I am quite sentimental about some of my childhood toys and my husband always teased me that they were “My Childhood Treasures”. So I always knew that when I created a children’s line that would be the name. 

8. Do you have any other hobbies?
Photography. I love creating photo shoots with models almost as much as I love designing the patterns. I wish I had more time for other hobbies but working and being a Mom keep me very busy.  
9. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Coffee!  Especially at the moment as my daughter is waking me up at 4am.
10. What type of music do you listen to?  What is your FAVORITE song?
I think I’m in the minority but I’m not a big music listener. But if I listen to anything it would be pop songs. Anything slow doesn’t gel with my brain. Maybe I need to relax more. (see the above point – too much coffee perhaps.)
11. Do you have any pets?
Yes. A small white fluffy dog that is one of the loves of my life. She is like having another toddler – although a little better behaved at times. She follows me from room to room and loves nothing more than making a nest for herself on my newly purchased fabric stashes and messing them up.  I think I’m too soft as I never tell her off.
12. What is your best feature?
Physical feature or character trait? If you mean physical feature then I think it would be my eyes.  Have to admit though there are a few more smile lines now. (nice way of saying wrinkles.) If you mean character trait then I would have to say my patience and loyalty. I think you have to have a little patience to be a sewer.
13. If you could go anywhere in the world - where would it be and why?
I was tossing up between Egypt to see tombs or Tanzania to see a big game park.  Either would be great if anyone wants to send me there.

14. What is your favorite beverage? 
Anything sweet!
15. What is a favorite sewing gadget that you own or WISH that you owned?
Actually it is a fairly simple one. An elastic threader. I have so many fancy machine feet and gadgets that I spent too much on and that I rarely use.  Sometimes it is the simple things that are the best for making your life easier.
16. What is your favorite color?
Pink!  I know what you’re thinking –“does she think she is 5 still?” But my mother would never buy us anything pink when we were little as she hated it (including no Barbie dolls) so now I’m obsessed with it.  I have to stop myself buying everything pink and I have to not buy my daughter everything pink so we don’t match.
17. What was your first car? How long did you drive it?
A Mazda hatchback and I didn’t drive it for more than a year before someone drove up the back of me and made a mess.
18. If you could only choose one type of food to eat for the rest of your life… what would it be?
Lasagna. Easy winner.
19. Do you sleep on your stomach, back, or side?
My side. It’s terrible for posture. Mental note – start yoga in the new year.
20. What can we expect to see new from My Childhood Treasures in 2014?
More trendy sewing patterns for children simplified for beginners. I’ve also become obsessed with swimwear after my daughter started swimming lessons a few months ago.  So watch out for some girl’s swimwear patterns.  Now if only I could find the perfect fabric..

We soooo enjoyed reading these responses!  I would have to say that I make a pretty killer lasagna and would gladly bake her one!  If only I could figure a way to get it from Kansas City to her home in Australia!  

As we anxiously await her next creations... take a peek to what she has to offer now at Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops -- 
remember the Elke Dress I mentioned earlier?
Have YOU made one yet?

The latest pattern that has been a favorite since day one....
The Colorblock Dress
It is not ALL about girls with Dixi!
She also has some great things for the little men in your life.

Fancy, fluffy, and perfect for every little special occasion you can think of! 
Weddings? Birthday? Valentine's Day?

Just because she does not stop... Recently she has introduced her first dolly pattern - perfect for American Girl / Our Generation Dolls

So which patterns do you have or NEED to add to your collection? 
We would love to hear what you enjoy most about My Childhood Treasures Patterns!  Feel free to comment below or show off your creations on our Facebook Group Page!  We would be tickled pink!

Thank you, Dixi, for sharing your Wonderful World with us!  We are looking forward to summertime now and those new swimming suit patterns you have your mind on!  Somehow I just KNOW you will find the right fabrics!  

CLICK HERE to view all items from My Childhood Treasures

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sew and Tell with the Lollipops and Gumdrops Dress

Hi again to all our sewing friends!  I sincerely hope that you all had the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!  (That was the "theme" in our family this year, lol!)  And since it's the start of a brand-spankin' new year, may you have the BEST NEW YEAR EVER!  I don't really make resolutions, but I am trying to get back into shape.  I thought I was going to die during the warm-up section of my aerobics video the other day, so we'll see how it goes ;)
But you're here to read about this darling little dress, so let's get to it!
I'm going to give you the run-down of everything you need to know about the Lollipops and Gumdrops Dress from Lilac Lane!  Designer Melissa Stramel specializes in designs that make little girls look like little girls, as well as doll clothes, quilts, bags, and home d├ęcor.
*  For starters, we've got this dress on sale for 25% off in the pattern shop right now!  Woohoo!!!
*  This one pattern contains 2 versions of the dress.  View 1 is a simplistic A-line design with sweet, feminine detailing that makes the dress.  View 2 features a ruffled neckline and accompanying ruffle just above the bottom hemline.
*  A separate pattern is available for a doll version of this dress.  It's suitable for both 15" and 18" dolls.  Cute, right?!?  Well guess what???  This one is 25% off, too!!!  Double woohoo!!!
*  The PDF is 31 pages long.  7 pages are the directions, 2 pages examples of finished dresses, and 22 pages are pattern pieces.  There are 4 rectangular pieces to this dress that pattern pieces are not provided for, and you must use the given measurements. 
*  This pattern can be made in sizes 2T- Girls 10.
*  The back is finished with a button and corded elastic.  No buttonholes here!
*  A helpful chart is provided that gives measurements for each size, as well fabric requirements.
*  Lilac Lane patterns are very concise and use easy-to-read drawings rather than photographs to illustrate the steps.  The set-up is similar to that of a paper pattern, except you won't be left scratching your head after each step.

*  And for those of you who have never had the pleasure of working with Melissa or any of her designs, you're in for a treat!  She's an absolute sweetheart!

 Sheilah has a glowing review of the Lollipops and Gumdrops Dress for us below.  Let's see what she has to say  :)
I had the pleasure of reviewing The Lollipops and Gumdrops Dress by Lilac Lane.  What a great pattern!  ;)
I have been sewing (along with other needle arts) for nearly 45 years, and I enjoyed making this dress.  I also teach sewing classes for beginners and intermediate students interested in sewing, quilting, etc., and the pattern's instructions/pictures make this a pattern anyone can follow and be proud of the finished garment.

 I chose this particular pattern because it has so much to offer.  It can be dressed-up, or it can be very casual.  Trying to decide the personality for my project was so difficult.  First, there are 2 options in one pattern!  Did I want to make the ruffled option or not?  Once I decided on View 1, I had to choose FABRIC!!!  My goodness....the possibilities were endless.  Not complaining!
I chose Ana Davis's "Animal Parade" for my dress!  Finally!!! :)  I love the fabric choice, it's soft, drapes well and the color is gorgeous!  I hope you agree!  I used the companion print for the neck and hem bands.  The trim on top of the band is a ruffled band of white broadcloth!  I think it looks perfect there!  :)
The pattern is worded so well.  The graphics are spot on, and the written instructions are easy to follow and illustrated perfectly.  The pattern also gives actual pattern pieces and this, in my experience, makes it a lot more appealing to beginner sewers. I did not alter the pattern at all, although I chose a shank button instead of covering a button. Another pattern "plus" is that multiple sizes are included! :) View 1, size 8 fit my little model very well. I am looking forward to making a couple more for the younger granddaughters!
I thoroughly enjoyed using this pattern and can recommend it to any level seamstress who is interested in sewing clothes for their own little princesses!!
What a beautiful little red-head!  And those pleats were amazing!  Gorgeous dress and gorgeous pattern.  You know you need it.  It's a necessity at this point ;)  A girl can never have too many sundresses!

Pair it Up!
Don't let the kids and dolls have all the fun!  Get in on all the ruffle-y goodness with the Marlo Top from Sis Boom!  You can extend the length to make a flirty sundress as shown above  :)  Sew this one up in sizes XS- 3XL.
The Lollipops and Gumdrops Dress is just begging to be paired with the Dakota Denim Jacket pattern from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop!  This jacket really gives the dress a casual feel and is a fashionable way to transition from winter to spring (yes, I just went there!).  Make the Dakota Denim Jacket for the little guy in your life, too.  It's perfect for both boys and girls in sizes 3m- 12 years!
Is that enough cuteness to get you through the dreary month of January?  We thought so  :)  Get over to the website and be sure to pick up all of these amazing patterns!  If you wait, you'll get distracted, and then you'll forget about it, and you'll kick yourself later.  Been there, done that. 
You can get the Lollipops and Gumdrops Dress and the Doll Version of the Lollipops and Gumdrops Dress for 25% off until the end of January!  And if you've sewn this dress, we'd love to see it!  Send us a photo either by email, our FB page, or post in our FB group, and we'll add it to this blog post so that others can be inspired by your work!! 

Happy New Year, y'all!!


Go sew something magical!!!

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