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Sew and Tell with the Sunny Scallop Dress
We are extremely excited about our newest review of the Sunny Scallop Dress!  With Easter just around the corner, this little beauty will make one stunning Easter dress!  With the right fabrics, the scalloped edges can mimic the designs of a painted Easter egg.  I know... adorable!!  Let's discuss the pattern a bit and take a look at the review sent in to us by one of our customers. 

Here's everything you need to know about the Sunny Scallop Dress from Jona G. Patterns.

*  The pattern can be made in sizes 2T- Girls 10.
*  It is suitable for cottons, voile, silk, and lightweight linen.
*  Three versions of this dress are included:  a scalloped edge, ruffled edge, and a straight edge.
*  The total PDF is 41 pages long with 12 pages being directions and 29 pages being pattern pieces. 
*  All pattern sizes are nested together and decorative lines (straight lines, dotted lines, hashed lines, and a mixture of them all) are used to distinguish sizes from one another. 
*  A one inch test square is provided to ensure the pattern pieces are printing at the correct scale.   
*  Each individual pattern page is given a label such as "dress back page 2" or "upper lining page 1".
*  The pattern pages are easily aligned by matching the arrows, and diagrams are provided to show you the exact layout of the pages before you tape them together.
*  There is a 1/2 inch seam allowance included.
*  The beginning of the tutorial contains a wealth of important information you need to know before you get started.  This includes a size chart that gives chest, waist, and height measurements so you choose the appropriate size, as well as a Finished Length chart, Fabric Requirements, Cutting Layout, and a view of all the pieces you should have cut out.
*  Each numbered step will walk you through the process of how to construct the dress.
*  Drawings, rather than photographs, are used to clearly depict each step.
*  Two additional tutorials are included at the end of the directions.  One shows you how to make the underarm area snugger if you feel it's too loose by adding an elastic casing.  The other tutorial shows you how to add length to the dress without messing up the shape.  Both are very helpful in creating a custom fit and can be applied to other patterns, as well! 
*  Lastly... Drum Roll, please.... there are no zippers or buttons to worry with!  This pattern slips on over the head, so no excuses, anyone can sew this dress up! 

You could definitely have a lot of fun playing around with this pattern.  I've seen very few scalloped edged dresses on the market, and it's a really gorgeous detail.  This dress would make for some stunning sister sets!  Each sister could have a different hem option so that they closely coordinated without being exactly the same.  There is also plenty of room for embellishment with the scalloped edge.  You could do a blue fabric on the bottom to look like waves and add some applique boats above them, for example.  How unique would that be?!?  Let your creativity run wild and HAVE FUN!
This dress is also available in a doll version, which earns it some major cool points with the kiddos.  My daughter isn't too in to dolls yet, but I know some little girls who refuse to wear anything unless their doll has a matching outfit.  For your sake, I hope your little one isn't quite that extreme, haha, but little girls do think it's pretty special when they can dress like their dolls!  The doll dress isn't sold as an individual pattern, rather it is part of a collection of doll clothing patterns we have available on the site that fit 18 inch and Bitty doll sizes. 


Let's take a look at the review and photos sent in to us from Christine!

Hi! My name is Christine, and I feel honored to be able to write a review for the Sunny Scallop Dress by Jona G. I fell in love with this dress when I saw it, and both of my girls were excited that I picked this pattern!

I have been sewing for many years, and my first project was a dress for a doll that I had hand sewn and used fabric paint on to decorate. Oh my, that was about 30 years ago, wow! Then when I was in Junior High I took Home Economics where I was able to use the sewing machine, and I just loved it. Since then, I have tried many patterns and new skills. About 5 years ago I started quilting, and I learned so much more.

When I started this pattern, I would have to say from start to finish, it took me about 4 hours (and about an hour was getting the pattern ready to use). With this pattern, there are pieces that you need to tape together first, then cut them out before you cut the fabric. I found it to be a bit of a challenge taping the pattern pieces together, as I found that some of the pieces for me did not line up very well. I resolved this by some pieces overlapping a bit. Once I was happy with the pattern all taped together, I used a highlighter and traced the lines for the size that I wanted to use so I would not make a mistake and cut out the wrong size.

Overall, for this pattern, I would rate it an advanced beginner. The designer of the pattern has written the pattern well. I found the most challenging part was the scallops. Directions were well explained for the scallops, and I followed the tips, but I still ended up with some points not being as crisp as I would have preferred. As for the rest of the dress, if the pattern is followed I feel the dress will turn out great! I used the size 6 in this pattern, and it fits my daughter perfectly! And when I measured the finished size it was just slight bit shorter than the measurements, but I believe that is because I hemmed the dress instead of using a bias tape to finish it.

I love the versatility of this dress; the various styles are interchangeable which allows for more options. My daughter and I decided on the scalloped dress because of the fabric we were using. I think that this dress would look adorable with bows at the top of each scallop.

In the pattern there is the option to use some elastic under the arms to snug up the fit; I did not do this as my daughter likes things to be a bit looser. I also opted to finish the bottom of the dress by hemming in rather than using the bias tape to finish it. I am very happy with the way the hem looks on the dress.

 The fabric I used was Beatrix Potter by Quilting Treasures. My daughter was over the moon excited with this fabric as she LOVES all of the Beatrix Potter stories, so when she saw Peter Rabbit, it made her day. The bottom lining print is also a Beatrix Potter by Quilting Treasures.

I think this little dress would make any little girl happy! It is definitely worth adding to your collection! I am sure I will be making another one for my other daughter!!


What a perfect dress for Easter time, as well as all year-round!  I love the use of 2 coordinating Peter Rabbit prints.  Such a darling dress!  It's great for those girls who like to look girly without all the frills and ruffles.  Any sort of a border print fabric would work out great for the bottom layer.  Good grief!  This dress is even more fun to design than it is to sew, lol!


Pair it Up!

Scallops are such a fun and unique design element, that we're going to share a few more with you!

Whimsy Couture has a gorgeous Bunting Banner pattern that is perfect for photo backdrops, birthday parties, holidays, baby nurseries, and any other occasion your heart desires!  Four different shapes are included in this one pattern:  triangles, half circles, scalloped triangles, and scalloped half circles.  A great way to use up scraps and add some charming d├ęcor at the same!

The Twirl Scallopini Skirt would be a sugary sweet treat for any little girl!  The Scientific Seamstress never disappoints, and this pattern will have you creating fluffy, twirly skirts in no time!  It can be made in sizes 1-8, and even comes with a bonus doll pattern!


Thanks for reading along!    Share your creations with us!  We love to see them!

Go sew something magical!!!

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