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Sew and Tell with the Sophie Vintage Style Sun Suit

Hi everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend!  I spent mine attending/hosting 2 different baby showers.  I love a good baby shower!  It's always so much fun to "oohh and ahhh" over all the sweet little baby things :)  And I'm not gonna lie, the punch pretty much rocks my socks off, too.  (Take a look at this punch recipe that I found to use this weekend.  It's as delicious as it is adorable.)  But back to the sweet little baby things... I always love showing up with handmade gifts, but ran out of time this go around and had to buy something from the store.  Ugh.  For those of you who can plan ahead better than me, I would like to suggest today's featured pattern for your next baby gift.  You'll definitely receive lots of "oohh's and ahhh's" with this one!

This little beauty is The Sophie Vintage Style Sun Suit from Haute Diggity.  I remember the first time I saw it I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.  Everything about it is just perfect!  And I about fell out of my chair when I saw the pics our pattern reviewer sent in (we'll get to those in just a minute!)  I know I'm not the only one who is in love with this sun suit because it made our Top 12 of '12 list!  It's very retro-glam.  It makes me think of Hollywood.  Can't you just see her with a big pair of shades, some baby wedges, and a big fancy hat walking around Hollywood Blvd. with her movie star mom?  Yes ladies, it's that fabulous! 

The Sophie Vintage Style Sun Suit can be made in sizes 6m- 8 years.  There are directions given for adding snaps to the crotch for those quick and easy diaper changes.  I'm always a huge fan of having that option!  The straps tie behind the neck, leaving the back side open.  As tempted as you may be use this pattern as a swim suit, I probably wouldn't recommend it for that.  It would be pretty stinkin' cute, though, to wear poolside if you had no intentions of swimming.  The top probably wouldn't stay in place very well from the weight of the water, and all the extra fabric in the bottom portion would be a hot mess on your little one if it were wet and bunchy.  Haute Diggity does has an irresistibly cute seersucker swimsuit pattern you could use if a swimsuit is what you are after.   

So, now, without further ado, let's take a look at the review submitted by Dawn F. of Addy & Tabby.

I am a self-taught sewer and began sewing regularly a few years ago after my daughter was born. What started as making “just one pillowcase dress” years ago turned into a handmade children's clothing boutique that I run from my home sewing studio today.

Rompers are a popular request for me, so I was very excited to get to try this pattern out! I had this beautiful purple / turquoise floral fabric (from Hobby Lobby) washed and waiting to try it out.

 I usually print my patterns and trace them to freezer paper, but what I loved about this one is that I was able to choose which size I wanted to make and print just those pieces... eliminating the need for tracing, woo-hoo! Printing, assembling, cutting the fabric pieces, embroidering the bodice, and sewing it all together took me around 3 hrs. The pattern was very easy to assemble. I love that there aren't a lot a pieces, and it went together well. I am sure that the next time I make this item it could be done in an hour to an hour and a half.

This pattern is a great choice for any sewing level. I didn't find anything tricky or difficult, and this pattern can be produced without a serger. The only exposed seams you will have are the front and back seams of the bubble bottom, and you could easily use pinking shears or a zig-zag stitch to finish those areas.

I had trouble getting my snaps to stay in because of the thickness of my fabric, so I made a modification. Rather than making a narrow fold and then a 1/2” fold for the snap area, I trimmed down the crotch area by 3/4”. I measured the front and back crotch pieces (width) and cut a new piece of fabric that was 2” tall x the width of the crotch fabric + 1”. I took the piece to the ironing board and pressed each long end down 1/4” and then folded in half and pressed. I put it right sides together and took it to the machine and sewed a 1/2” seam on each side. Then I clipped the ends and flipped them inside out. This made a “cap” for the end of the crotch piece. I did this for the front and the back. I wiggled the fabric up into the “cap”, pinned it to the romper bottom and then sewed very closely to the edge, about 1/8”. This took the bulk down between the snap pieces so it was a great remedy for me.

 **Embroidery tip** be sure to test fit your front waistband piece on the front bodice before you embroider to make sure you have enough room. My monogram ended up a little lower than I'd like but still worked out just fine for me. I would suggest at least a 1/2” up from where the top of your waistband piece will be sewn on.

 I put together an 18mo size, and it fit my 14mo model great! I feel this pattern is true to size and will have a lasting fit due to the roomy bottom, elastic back, and legs.

 That plum fabric is delicious and, and I could just eat up that sweet baby girl!  Isn't this romper divine?!?  There is nothing cuter than a baby in a romper!  I'm ready to stitch it up RIGHT NOW!!  Good grief, I have to push those 7 UFO's (UnFinished Outfits) aside so I can get started on this!  You can get started on yours, too, tonight even!  We've got instant download, and this little cutie is 25% off right now!  Head over to the website and get this while it's sale!  You've only got a few days until we post a new review  :) 
I've always been drawn to vintage styles, with The Sophie Vintage Style Sun Suit being no exception. I decided to pair up today's featured pattern with a few of my other favorite vintage-inspired patterns from our website.
Above is Grace's Pinafore from Olabelhe.  With it's pretty little bows tied up on the sides and the buttons trailing down the back bodice, this pinafore is the epitome of classic charm!  I love the innocent, wholesome, girly look that this pattern brings to the table.  It can be layered over a variety of dresses to change up the look.  This pattern can be made in sizes 3-8. 
 Here's a great pattern for the younger boys!  This is the Christopher Boys Romper from Ruffle Bunnies.  It has a great nautical feel to it!  You can layer it over a turtleneck in colder weather.  This is fairly unique to other boys PDF patterns I've seen around, and I really wish my son were a little younger so I could make him one!  This would be perfect for beach photos or beach weddings.  Available in sizes 3m- 4T. 
Have fun sewing up some of the cutest styles inspired by days gone by!  We'd love to see what you create!  You can share photos of your finished projects on our Facebook wall!  Don't forget to purchase your own copy of The Sophie Vintage Style Sun Suit while it's 25% off! 
Go sew something magical!!


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  3. Such a cute sunsuit pattern. It reminds me of a sunsuit my mom made for me when I was tiny (and kept around for nostalgic purposes)

    1. Oh how lucky to have some of your baby clothes! So special!! I plan on keeping most of the outfits I make for my daughter for her to dress her daughter in someday :)

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