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Sew and Tell with the Maise Cape (Peacock Version)

Just in time for Halloween... this week we are featuring the Peacock Maise Cape from My Childhood Treasures!  Obviously, this gorgeous cape would make for an impressive Halloween costume, but I'd parade my little one around in it all during the chilly months!  What I find totally cool about this pattern is that you also get the original version of the Maise Cape included for free (the peacock version is actually an add-on that's included with the original file).  So you get the peacock version, the Little Red Riding Hood version, and a plain version- all wrapped up into one pattern that we just so happen to have on sale for 25% off this week!  Hurray!!!
If you wanted to use this pattern as a costume piece, I'm sure you could come up with endless uses!  I'm not creative as some of you, but if you made the cape a little longer, it might work for a witches costume.  You could also make it in some sparkly or lacey fabrics and use it as a cover up for your little princesses if it gets really cold while trick-or-treating in your neck of the woods.  We don't really run into that problem in Alabama too often, but some of you might!  A Little Red Riding Hood costume is an obvious choice and would be absolutely darling!  If you wanted to use the Peacock Version as a costume, you could pair it with blue pants and a blue shirt underneath, or do like the pattern suggests and use the Tutu Dress in pretty shades of blue.  Oh, or how about making it in all white while having your child wear all white, and doing black eyes and a mouth on the hood to make a ghost costume?  And let's not forget that superheroes wear capes ;) 
Just some general info about the pattern...  It can be made in sizes 1- 8, and a size chart providing chest measurements is provided.  Since the cape is fully lined, it can be reversible, however it wouldn't work if you did the peacock version because the feathers extend farther down and would be seen from the other side.  A fabric requirement chart is provided, and the smallest size needs a yard for each side of the cape, and the largest size needs 1 1/4 yards for each side of the cape.  There are 12 pages to print out for the cape pattern pieces (which are all nested, color-coded and labeled) and 4 pages for the peacock applique pieces.  A 2x2 inch square is include on the pattern pieces to ensure that your pattern is printing at the correct scale.  There's a convenient "Sewing Terms" glossary at the very end to help you with any sewing terms that you might not be familiar with.  It's a useful reference for any pattern you may be working on!  Please note, this pattern may only be made for personal use.  If you sew for profit, you can contact the designer to inquire about her latest policies in regards to selling the items made from this pattern. 
As far as the construction is concerned, I've sewn up a few things from My Childhood Treasures recently and am always pleased with both the process and the end results.  Her patterns are very well-written and have a nice flow to them.  Every step is accompanied with a helpful photo so you're not left wondering if you're doing it right.  The appliques for the Peacock and Little Red Riding Hood are both done using felt.  The patterns for all the pieces, plus detailed directions on how to construct the appliques are included.  Give it a try, and see how easy it is!
We've got Mary Ann reviewing this pattern for us today.  Take a look at her amazing version!
While thumbing through patterns on Fairytale Frocks & Lollipops, I had to stop and do a double take when I ran across the Peacock Maise Cape (special edition) by My Childhood Treasures!  Seeing that I love peacock feathers and the attractive colors they present, it didn’t take me long deciding to purchase the pattern.  Am I glad I did!
My sewing inspiration was a neighborhood grandmother who made wonderful dresses for her granddaughters.  As a child, I was so impressed since I didn’t have a grandmother of my own (especially one who sews).  Now, I sew for my grandkids.  Hopefully, I inspire others to create beautiful handmade garments for their families and friends.  I am looking forward to opening an Etsy store in the near future.  You are welcome to view some of my first projects at
Let’s get started!  I am so pleased to review such a versatile pattern.  I chose a peacock print lining called Regent Peacock by Alexander Henry Fabrics Collections that I found at Hobby Lobby.  The outer fabric is teal pinwale corduroy found at JoAnn’s Fabric.  Feathers are cotton scraps in coordinating colors.  
Prewashing is a must if you are working with corduroy and cotton.  Tip: Corduroy can be tricky when preparing to cut pattern pieces.  There is a nap so all pattern pieces need to face the same direction on the fabric.  My printed lining was placed in the same manner. 
The directions for this pattern are easy to follow and construction was a breeze.  I’m big on pressing seams as I go along since it makes the finished garment look so much more professionally made.  And yes, the instructions recommend pressing (no wonder the finished cape looks so nice)!  The recommended topstitching is another must for a well made garment.
Peacock feathers… Peacock feathers adorn my sewing room so I found inspiration right at my fingertips.  The pattern designer lists suggestions in lieu of felt.  I chose cotton scraps and Pellon fusible interfacing to back the two larger feather pattern pieces and provide some stiffness.  I lined each feather with the matching cape lining.  The feathers give the cape some weight and provide a nice drape.
What a fun sew!  The pattern also includes a template for a peacock headpiece and instructions as well as an appliqué for Little Red Riding Hood and instructions.  I’m seriously thinking of making a pink flamingo cape!  Soon, very soon!
Isn't that cape stunning?!?  I love that she left the headpiece off of the hood to make it look a little less "costume-y" for everyday wear!  And the idea to make a pink flamingo version... holy moly I want to see that!!  You could do an owl version, too!  The possibilities are endless!  Who knew you could have so much fun with a cape?? 

Pair it Up!

In the spirit of Halloween, we're going to showcase a few trick-or-treat bags you could quickly sew up for our Pair it Up section today!
The Halloween Treat Bag pattern from Charming Doodle can be used to make 5 different styles of treat bags.  There's a cat, strawberry, fairy princess, jack-o-lantern, and monster to choose from.  But as we've learned above, the only limit is your imagination!  Don't let your little ones go out with a generic plastic pumpkin... or worse, an old Wal-Mart sack, ha!!  We've got this pattern on sale for only $5 for a limited time, so make one up to perfectly compliment that handmade costume you've been working so hard on!
The Halloween Bag or Library Tote from Hadley Grace Designs is another fun way for the kids to haul around their loot!  They'll have to trick-or-treat all night to fill that sucker up!  Make it in some spooky Halloween prints and add their initial or an applique to create a customized bag that will receive just as much attention as their costumes!  The bag pattern also works great year round in your favorite prints!
Make sure you go to the website and purchase your copy of The Peacock Maise Cape for 25% off while it's still on sale  :)  Also, be sure to get your entries in for our 1st Annual Handmade Halloween Costume ContestSimply design a Halloween costume around one or more of the over 800 patterns we carry on our website.  We're giving away over $300 in awesome prizes from some awesome vendors!  The last day to enter is October 20th, so fire up your sewing machine!!!  Find the details by clicking on the banner below :)

 Go sew something magical!


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    1. Thanks so much, Missy! I'm dying to see a flamingo version, myself!


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