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Sew and Tell with the Meghan Peasant Dress

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!!  I just can't help but smile when I know the weekend is so close  :)  Today's Sew and Tell Review is on the Meghan Peasant Dress by Sis Boom.  Some of you may make clothing for yourself, but the majority of you probably only sew for your children or grandchildren, right?  I'm here today to convince you that you need to take a break from those super cute kid's clothes and make something for yourself!!  You deserve it!!  Why should the kids get all the fun stuff?  Designing and sewing your own clothing can be a lot of fun and really rewarding if you have the right guidance, and you will definitely get that from a Sis Boom pattern.  You'll be able to choose your own fabrics and adjust for a perfect fit... can't do that with store-bought clothing!
The Meghan Peasant Dress is a great "gateway" pattern if you've shied away from sewing adult clothing previously.  Sis Boom patterns are very detailed and well-explained.  And, obviously, oh so cute!  We have a beautiful collection of Sis Boom patterns on the website for you to drool over  ;)  This pattern comes in a wide range of sizes from  Misses 0 - 18 & Womens 1X- -3X, has multiple sleeve lengths, and allows for several neckline options.  Since this is a peasant-style dress, you only need to know how to insert elastic... no zippers, darts, or anything else scary with this one! 
Jeanine T. from The Crafting Fiend reviewed the Meghan Peasant Dress for us for us this week, and here's what she had to say about it. 
Hello!  My name is Jen.  I started sewing 2 years ago after I had my first daughter.  I taught myself to sew using free patterns and tutorials I found on the internet because I needed a creative outlet now that my usual pastime (oil on canvas painting) was no longer time-feasible due to a new baby.  I would rate myself as an intermediate sewist.
For my review, I sewed the Meghan Peasant Dress, which is a Sis Boom pattern.  I don’t know if you have ever used a Sis Boom pattern before, but if not let me tell you what a treat their pattern pieces are!  She separates the pieces by size, so you follow the print guide and only print the pieces you actually need!  When it comes to taping them together – they line up beautifully.  Seriously, if pattern making were considered an art form, she would get an award.  The fabric I used is one of a kind and was a gift from my adoptive mother-in-law who brought it back from Africa.
 I made myself a size small since I am just teetering on the edge of being an extra small and a small.  In the pattern she says that if you are between sizes, going up or down a size won’t make a lot of difference, and I would agree with this.  I am very happy with my choice to make the small.  She gives a chart with various heights and drawings of legs so you can pick where you want the hemline to fall on your own leg, and it shows the measurement needed to cut.  I cut my skirt at a 23 inch length.  It is great for getting just the length you want!  
I found the directions very easy to follow.  She is very clear in her directions, provides great pictures to show what to do, and is thankfully not very wordy so you can get right to business.  (Which is what I like.  With having a toddler and a baby, a straightforward pattern is much appreciated!)
I would say my complete time to cut and sew was about 3 hours.   I tend to sew a little here and a little there as the kids allow, but I felt that this sewed up very quickly.  I had a new dress by bedtime the same day I started cutting the fabric, so it’s an easy and fast sew for sure.  I would say this pattern is great for beginning sewists.
I also want to note that I am still breastfeeding my 5 month old.   This dress easily allows me to do so (yay!!!), and my husband even commented positively on this dress!  I cut out the neckline with the lowest scoop option, but if I were making this for a pregnant self (I think this would be a great pattern for 1st half pregnancy sewing) I would probably use the second option for the neckline.
The only adjustment I made on the pattern was to make the cap sleeves shorter by about an inch.  I just preferred it this way.  I had them pattern length before, but felt a little awkward with them being that extra inch.  My friends all said it looked great that length, but I am a bit of a perfectionist.
I think this dress is very versatile as it looks cute with tights and a cardi or by itself.  Since I live in Winterland (aka Canada) versatility is a VERY welcome quality in a pattern!
I think Jeanine gets bonus points for photographing herself in the snow!  She even took her gloves and cardi off.  I won't go outside if it's lower than 60 degrees unless I have to walk to the car.  Looking at her is making me shiver, haha!  And how about this cool fabric from Africa?  I'm digging it! 
If you need something to keep you warm in your Meghan Peasant Dress until spring settles in, take a look at The Ruffled Collared Cape for Women by Seamingly Smitten.  Jenny Hall has some really great women's patterns on the website.  You can make the Ruffled Collared Cape in sizes XS-XL (0-18).  This is a quick project and gives you stunning results!  I've been so drawn to this since the first time I saw it.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the houndstooth print ;)  Roll Tide!  For all you Bama fans, this would be really great to wear on those chilly game days (hint, hint).  You could even dress the cape up with a nice fabric and perhaps a stylish brooch and wear it for more formal occasions.  Very versatile and oh-so-chic!
 Every woman needs a great purse, and this little clutch is sure to get a lot of attention!  Say hello to the Henrietta by Molly Blossom Designs.  I love that you can mix and match fabrics to create a colorful one-of-a-kind design.  And that bow is just darling!  Don't have a need for a clutch?  The Henrietta also makes a great coupon keeper or cosmetics bag.  A beautiful design! 
Now, go get your copy of the Meghan Peasant Dress for 25% off!  As always, this pattern will be on sale until the next Sew and Tell Review is posted.  If you are looking for other adult-sized patterns, we have a whole section on the website full of great designs for you to enjoy!  Go take a look!  When you finish your creations, share a picture with us on our Facebook page.  We would LOVE to see them!
Go sew something magical! 

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