Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sew and Tell with the Casey Unitard

Hi everyone!  Welcome back for another Sew and Tell!  This week we are flippin' out over the Casey Unitard from Mountain Ash Design!  My daughter is as bouncy and energetic as they come, and I know it's only a matter of time before she wants to take gymnastics.  How cool is it that I'll be able to make her leotards one day?  And lucky for you, if you need to invest in some dance wear, swim wear, or gymnastics patterns, Mountain Ash Design has you covered!
The Casey Unitard is great for little tumblers of all ages.  It comes in sizes 2- 14, which is a great size range.  And there are two strap/sleeve options offered.  You can make the unitard with spaghetti straps or with a tank-style top.  Don't think you need anything fancy such as a serger to stitch up a pattern like this.  A regular sewing machine will get the job done, too!  Just take a few minutes to play around with the stretchy fabric and get your settings correct regardless of the machine you are using, especially if you are new to sewing with stretch fabrics. 
We've got a great review sent in to us by Kristen.  Read below to find out more about the Casey Unitard pattern!
HI!  My name is Kristen.  I can be seen on Facebook mostly at KristenKreates.  I am a SAHM/WAHM to 3 amazing little ones.  I first learned to sew in elementary school when taking home economics, and we were actually taught to cook and sew.  I still remember what I learned to make that year (Snickerdoodles, an elephant pillow, and a gorilla stuffed animal.)  As I was growing up, my mom had a sewing machine but she NEVER EVER let me use it.  I may have occasionally pretended to be sick so I could stay home and play with it.  SHHH! When I got pregnant with my oldest, I picked crochet back up and made her a few sweaters, but what's a sweater without a cute dress?  And I began to sew again after she was born and haven't stopped since.  I have sewn cloth diapers and nearly any type of clothing you can think of.  I find it very therapeutic.
 My oldest is a long lean little one.  If I measured her width, by most patterns she would wear a size 3, but she is 8 years old.  I was easily able to trace a size 6 width and a size 8 length.  Sewing comes in handy especially for her.  She is an active little one and is taking Gymnastics this summer.  Yes, she had a leotard or few, but being a mama that sews she needed more, of course.  I noticed the Casey Unitard pattern and fell in love with the style.  Through all of my pattern altering and drafting, I had yet to come up with the perfect unitard.  Was I ever in luck when I found the Mountain Ash patterns!
I found the pattern to be a quick sew.  I believe from start to finish this may have taken me an hour (if that) to print, trace, cut and sew the pattern.  It probably took us more time to choose our fabrics and fold over elastic than it did to sew.  I used a red tag dance/swim wear fabric I found at Joann Fabrics and a solid dance/swim fabric for the top.  Both are a cotton/spandex fabric.  I also happened to have a perfectly matching 5/8" fold over elastic for the straps.
I have mixed feelings about having to open each pattern piece individually.  The laziness in me was a little annoyed having to open each one I needed, but the frugal mom in me found it very helpful that I was able to print just the pieces I needed and not any extra.  Having sewn with knits previously, including dance and swim wear, I didn't have any difficulties at all.  The pattern pieces lined up perfectly, and the finished measurements were correct.  Another frugal appreciation is the options! Ask anyone who sews, the more options the better!!  This pattern had a tank option or a thin strap option, but there are options from there!  You can make your own binding, use FOE (fold over elastic) ect.  As a personal preference, I reinforced all the seams and topstitched the top to the bottom body.  I also crossed the straps in the back for her.  Makes the pattern well worth the money spent on it.
I found that the instructions were clear and easy to understand, and they provided more options.  For the experienced seamstress there were what I like to call the “cliff note” instructions, just a basic written step by step of what to sew in simple, short sentences.  For those visual learners, she included pictures to match with the simple instructions!  They really did make this a pattern for any level.
I liked it so much that I have actually already recommended it to a friend.  My daughter loves it, and we have received nothing but positive compliments on her unitard.  We are already trying to figure out which one to get next. I give Mountain Ash an A-!
 That is one busy little girl!  You can tell she is a little ball of energy!  I'm impressed with how well the unitard is staying in place in all of these photos.  You certainly don't want your little one fidgeting, tugging, and pulling constantly, and this looks to be a great fit!  Plus, how fun is the leopard print fabric she used?  I bet all the little girls in her gymnastics class went home and begged their mommas to make them one, too! 
If you want to add performance wear to your repertoire, browse through our collection of Mountain Ash Design patterns available on the website.  And since we know you must be excited to try the Casey out yourself, we're offering it for 25% off for the next few days!  Take advantage of this great offer, and share some photos of your finished unitards with us on our Facebook page! 

Pair It Up!

Here are some great options to help your little one get to and from practice or meets in comfort and style! 
   The Yoga Girl Pants, Capris, and Shorts pattern from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop would be perfect to slip on over a leotard before you get in the car.  Cute, comfy, easy to wear, they're great for PJ bottoms or lounging around the house, too!  These can be made in sizes 3m- 12 years.

The Summer Tunic from GreenStyleCreations makes a perfect cover-up!  Whether it be for a day at the pool, gymnastics practice, or a trip to the playground with friends, this tunic the one you want!  Love the ruffle detail around the neckline!  This one comes in sizes 18m- 12 years. 


Alright ladies, let's get ready to tumble!  Hope you have as much fun stitching up one of these unitards as your little one will have wearing it!

Go sew something magical!

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    1. Thank you so much! I think Kristen did a great job, too!

  2. Love it! I do not have my girls in dance classes, but I know a lot of people who do. :) My girls would still love to play in them. Maybe I'll try this after I take a sewing with knits class. :) I've only been sewing since Jan. Thanks for sharing!
    Gina 2 Gina's Craft Corner

    1. Little girls do love this sort of thing, don't they? Welcome to the world of sewing! If you ever need any help with anything, please just let us know!


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