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Sew and Tell with the Nova Top and Dress

Hi sewing friends!  In case you haven't heard, Fairytale Frocks & Lollipops is back and better than ever!  We had to go offline to take care of some much needed behind the scenes upgrades, but we've reopened with lots of cool features and an awesome mobile site for shopping away from home!  Check out the new website
If that weren't reason enough to celebrate, here's one more...  our Sew and Tell Review today is The Nova Top and Dress from Popolok Design!  You're going to want to make sure you take advantage of the 25% off discount on this one!  I love this little peplum top with a sweetheart neckline!  The Nova is a gorgeous, sassy, versatile, and blow-your-mind-it's-written-so-well pattern.  It can be made as a sleeveless peplum top or sleeveless peplum dress, and both styles can be made with a cap sleeve.  That's 4 ways to sew up this pattern- SCORE!!!  It comes in sizes 1-8 in girls.  There's an incredibly detailed finished measurement chart included that will help you choose the perfect size for you little one!  The bodice is fully lined and features an invisible zipper.  DON'T let that scare you!!  She gives incredible directions on how to install the zipper, and I just installed my first invisible zipper a mere few days ago in a different pattern, and it was a piece of cake!
And I wasn't kidding when I said it was an unbelievably detailed pattern.  The pattern pieces and tutorial come in separate files so you can quickly print the pieces without having to search through the pattern for them.  She tells you step by step how to print out the pattern pieces, which are all nested and color coded to cut down on paper and ink usage.  The tutorial itself contains lots of helpful photos and the directions are clear and easy to understand.  Alviana (the fabulous designer) thought of EVERYTHING, and I promise you this is an excellent, well-written pattern.  I can't say enough good things about it, so I'm going to let Stephanie take it from here...

Hello!  I'm Stephanie.  I'm a SAHM to my two minions.  I'm lucky enough to have a boy and a girl to sew for.  I grew up watching my mom sew quilts, but to be honest she wasn't patient enough to teach me to sew as a little girl.  I actually didn't learn to sew until 2011, when my daughter was a year old and had picked out a cute bird/birdhouse fabric on a trip to Joann's that had originally started out as a scrapbook paper hunt.  I bought a yard of the fabric, went home and didn't know what to do with it.  I watched a ton of Youtube videos and made my very first dress.  I was hooked!  I would say I'm now an advanced beginner - intermediate sewer, somewhere in between. 
I chose to review The Nova Top/Dress by Popolok Designs.  Alviana knocked it out of the park with this one.  It's a stylish top or dress that is a pretty quick sew.  It has a cute sweetheart-illusion yoke with options to add a gathered cap sleeve.  The bodice is fully lined and all seams are encased in the lining. 
I decided to sew the sleeveless top variation and completed it in one sewing day.  Minus all the breaks I took taking care of my minions it took about 3 hours from cutting the pattern pieces and fabric to the final hemming. 
The Nova Top was pretty easy to sew up.  The most difficult part for me was attaching the front yoke to the main front fabric.  I've always had a problem sewing concave and convex curves, but if you follow Alviana's instructions, you'll get it.  I think a beginner could make this if they are good at following instructions and if they have the basics of sewing down.  There are colored photos for every step of the way.  Even though there is  an invisible zipper on the back and the bodice is fully lined, I believe it would be good practice for a beginner, especially since the instructions to attach the lining and zipper are so easy to follow. 
The pattern is beautifully put together.  Alviana has little boxes spread out throughout the directions with an adorable little bird providing helpful tips.  The directions are clear, concise, and well-written.  The steps are numbered as well as the pages.  You will receive two separate PDF's, one PDF for instructions and one PDF for pattern pieces, so it's a breeze to print only the pattern pieces.  The pattern pieces were clearly labeled and numbered and the pages were easy to piece together once printed.  Just match the labeled triangles and tape. 
I love the way The Nova Top looks on my daughter!  I made her a size 3.  I think I could have used a size 4 in length because she's so long, but the 3 fits her perfectly width-wise, and she wears a 3 in RTW garments.  The finished top measurements match up with Alviana's measurements. 
I found this Riley Blake 'Promenade' Blue Main Fabric on Etsy with Southern Seams Fabrics and thought it would be just perfect for this stylish peplum top.  The necklace, I custom ordered from Jax & Jewels on Facebook.  Both shops were super quick with shipping. 
I can't wait to sew up another Nova Top for my little girl.  I love that it's a big girl style with sweet, unique features.  I've been eyeing a few other Popolok Designs patterns and think Alviana's style is different from anything I've seen, and that's why I love it. 
Um, wow!  That's gorgeous!  I seriously have the pattern printed and ready to go on this one because after seeing Stephanie's cute little top, I have to make one, too!  I can see this working under a cardigan when it starts to get cool outside.  It would also be adorable paired with a mini skirt and leggings layered underneath.  Such a fun design!  Be sure to get it for 25% off for the next few days over on the website :)

Pair it Up!

In case you were wondering what would work well with a top that has this much character to it, let me help :)  May I present to you ....

The Darling Jeans from Pink Fig Design are just so unique and girly!  What little girl wouldn't want to put on a pair of these jazzed up jeans?  Take a great fitting pair of store-bought jeans and use this tutorial to help you achieve extreme levels of cuteness! 
Another great pair of pants you'll be able to wear with the Nova Top (as well as a whole closet full of other tops and dresses), are the Everyday Knit Ruffle Pants from Jocole.  These were actually my first knit sewing project, and I found the pattern so quick and extremely easy to follow.  I love how they turned out!  This pattern comes in sizes NB- 5T and includes a bonus pattern for dolls. 
Lots of cuteness here today, right?!?  Don't forget to head over to check out the new website!  And we are working out the final details for our 1st Annual Halloween Costume Contest!!  We're very excited to share the info with all of you, so stay tuned for that announcement!

Go sew something magical!

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  1. That little girl in the top picture looks like she's heading off to work with the exception of the bow headband around her head. She looks like 3 going on 20. lolol

    1. She does look like she's all business :) She's a cutie!

  2. wow, how cute is that??? Love the matching jeans too.

    1. I know! It's a great top, isn't it?! And those jeans are just fabulous!

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    1. Thanks so much! We love how it turned out :)


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