Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sew and Tell with the Payden Pants

Hi everyone!  How many patterns for ruffle pants do you currently own?  My answer is always, "Not enough!"  Lol!!  Each one is unique in its own way, and I hate doing the math to make adjustments to a pattern I already own.  Ruffle pants go with EVERYTHING, so there's always a need for them.  And who wants a closet full of the same pair of pants?  Boring...
Let's get to our review for this week-  The Payden pattern from Juvie Moon!  These pants are super quick to put together and are FABULOUS!!  So what sets these pants apart from the others?  Take a look at the length.  They aren't really capris, and they aren't floor length.  These pants fall somewhere in between for a sort of "cropped" look.  These would be great pants to wear in the summer or to wear with boots in the colder months.  Plus, these aren't just ruffled pants... these are double ruffle pants!  You can do both ruffles in the same fabric as the legs or choose complimentary/contrasting fabrics to really create the fun, boutique look that Juvie Moon is known for. 
The Payden Pants are both quick to make and easy to wear.  There are 8 pages of instructions (though the first and last page just show an image of the finished product) and 12 pages of pattern pieces that are all nicely labeled with the sizes nested together.  There's an elastic waistband for a great fit and ease during trips to the potty.  (We all know that's a must during potty training!)  These can be made in girls sizes 2-8.  Juvie Moon has a really helpful document that shows you how much fabric you'll need for each size, the finished pants length, and waist measurements.  If you want to give these pants a try, we'll have them on sale for the next few days.  Head over to the website and get them for 25% off!  Well, actually, before you go, stick around and read the review sent in to us by Candice!
I tested the Payden pants from Juvie Moon Designs in a 3T. I am an advanced beginner in sewing. I have sewn a few tops and dresses for my daughter, but this was my first pair of pants. I used cotton from Joann Fabrics.
It took me less than 2 hours to complete this sewing project from printing the pattern to trying the finished product on my daughter. The pattern pieces were very easy to assemble, and there were clear directions on how to measure the fabric for the ruffles and elastic for the waist. My only advice is to pre-wash your fabric and reinforce the seams.
These pants fit my daughter perfectly. The bottom of the ruffles land right at the top of my daughter's feet, which is nice because I don't have to worry about her tripping. The legs are nice and wide for a comfortable fit. The waist fits perfect- not too snug or loose. They cover her bum when she runs around playing, crawling, bending ever, etc. I don't have to worry about her undies showing. I did not change any of the pattern, but I think next time I might add pockets because my daughter loves putting her lip gloss and other small items in them.
I see my daughter having many pairs of these pants! She loves to spin around in them because of the ruffles. They are such a fun alternative to simple pants and look great dressed up or with just a simple T-shirt.

Pair it Up!

What's a perfect pair of pants without a perfect top?  Let's take a look at some great choices that you can give your little one a complete outfit that's absolutely perfect!
The Simply Sweet Girl's Tunic Top and Blouse from Wink Designs is exactly as it sounds- simply sweet!  Not only is there a long-sleeved option (as shown), but there is also a sleeveless option for summer, which makes this pattern a winner in my book!  It can be made in sizes 1- 8 years. 
Another option that your little one could wear all year long would be the Terrific Tee from Whimsy Couture.  This is a really versatile knit top that is made without binding.  It's made for both boys and girls, and comes with 2 sleeve lengths- either short or long.  It can be made in sizes 12m- 14 years.

Make sure you go to the website and purchase your copy of the Payden Pants for 25% off while it's still on sale  :)  Also, we'd love for you to join us as we kick off our 1st Annual Handmade Halloween Costume ContestSimply design a Halloween costume around one or more of the over 800 patterns we carry on our website.  We're giving away over $300 in awesome prizes from some awesome vendors!  Find the details by clicking on the banner below :)

 Go sew something magical!


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